I'm Sebastian and I'm a digital artist from New Zealand.
I currently mainly draw cats and fanart!

Commission Info

All prices are in USD
Currently OPEN


Kofi Donation $5+




Standard $40
Round Unshaded $15

Head shot

Shaded - $60
Unshaded - $45


Shaded - $100
Unshaded - $70


From $150

Reference Sheets

From $150

Convention Info

My next Convention is Overload 2024!// Prints // Stickers // Charms // Buttons //

Terms of Service


I will draw
- Anthro/furry characters
- Human/humanoid characters
- Animal characters
- pets
- Some fanart

I will not draw
- 18+/adult content
- Hateful content (racism, anti-lgbt, etc)
- mechs/robots


- all payments are in USD through paypal. Payment is upfront in full unless otherwise arranged.
- To order a commission please contact me on twitter, Instagram or via email at [email protected]. I will contact you to clarify any details and send you an invoice through paypal.
- When ordering a commission you must have a clear reference. I will not accept NSFW references.
- If payment is not received within 14 days of the invoice being sent the commission will be cancelled.


- Turnaround for commissions may be up to two months. Larger illustrations may be longer than this time period, if this is the case this will be communicated. Commissions are likely to be done sooner however I may have delays.
- I will send work in progress shots at each stage for approval. Please feel free to ask for extra updates at any point.
- Minor revisions can be requested at any point. Please note I will only allow one major revision (eg, changing the pose in the sketching phase). Once the image is complete you have 24 hours to request any minor changes.


- I reserve the right to cancel the commission at any stage.
- If cancellation of the commission is requested Refunds will be based on how much of the commission has been completed. If only the sketch has been completed you will be refunded 100% of the cost and the sketch (pose) may be reused as a ych. If line art has been completed there will be a 50% refund. I cannot offer any kind of refund after the piece has been completed. You will receive high resolution copies of what I have completed.


- Unless otherwise arranged I reserve the rights to post the artwork on social media/as a commission example
- Commissions can be used by the commissioner for personal use including re-posting to social media, as an avatar etc with credit.
- Under no circumstances may commissions be used or sold as an NFT or used to train AI.
- You may not claim my work as your own or remove my signature.
- Unless arranged my art work may not be used for commercial purposes (for example merchandise, logos, etc). This will cost extra.
- If you are looking to commission fanart and would allow the art to be sold as merchandise (eg, stickers, keychains) by myself feel free to get in contact and I can arrange a discounted cost.